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  ceramic figures

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Thanks to my mother, I was exposed to sculpture at an early age. Seeing ,my interest in making things, she enrolled me in art classes. Working in clay became my first sculptural experience. Clay os a wpmderful medium. The possibilities of building with clay are endless. There is great diversity, from elegant and refined porcelain to bold and imposing sculpture-body clay. As an artist, I could make judgments in the type of clay most suitable for my work and the color and surface most appropriate.


I am awed and amazed when I see what people can do physically. There is such beauty and grace in the way athletes and dancers control their ability to challenge themselves is remarkable. At times they seem to be free from the confines of gravity.

Attitudes #2

Coils are positioned over a clay armature. It is a tedious process but a technique to delineate the figure.

Attitudes #1

The waxy, black clay works well with white engobe which is used to define the coils. It is a technique I developed.


Deceived by the Past

The psychological nature of this sculpture refers to someone not facing reality and being emotionally restrained because of it.

Dignity Control

Another piece dealing with ones mental and emotional state. Giving up and loss of vision happens when one losses self assurance.

Habitat Boxes
raku fired clay

The diversity of the posed figures in their boxes can be displayed singly or in a variety of groupings.

People Box

The gestures of the people in my work represent various actions or emotions. I leave it to the viewer to decide a meaning.

Peopled Gated Post

Paper clay is a combination of up to 25% paper pulp mixed with clay slip. It is light weight and strong and easy to use.

Thoughts of Thoreau

Sitting on a piece of driftwood suggests being in a natural surrounding. The figure is looking for inner peace by means of meditation.

Nobody Knows Me

The mask hides any telltale emotions in the face. I don't put features on my figures because I prefer that the viewer decides on meaning through the gesture.

Hidden Thoughts

The masks were made to sample red glazes. I designed the sculpture to make use of them. Masks are a means to hide true feelings!

Lady Adorned

The articulated figure was inspired by my interest in marionettes. The tattoos, for my curiosity about the female goddess and the many symbols representing her.

Eden Pole

Top segment of five parts about five feet tall, representing the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of and their banishment when they had to leave Eden.


The nurturing mother is prominent in many of my pieces. This one represents the female body as a home or refuge, a place of safety and security.

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