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Jacqueline Marks – biography

As a child, I loved to draw. I was fortunate to have a mother who encouraged me by enrolling me in art classes when I was quite young.  I have studied art ever since. My main interest has been sculpture. I loved to carve in hard wood, work in clay and create works in wax later to be cast in bronze. A secondary fascination was print making. I enjoyed experimenting in a variety of techniques.

Now that I am an octogenarian, I am limited to less physical art activities. I enjoy investigating new techniques and find new ways to be creative. I am using sewing techniques to create mystical objects. I am also creating three dimensional work with a basket technique using waxed linen woven over wire. It is never too late to try new things.

My earlier work involved the gesture of the human figure. It was exciting to see how a gesture could provoke so much emotion. I was also fascinated by images of mothers with children and used this theme in many of my creations. My background as a puppeteer was the reason that I have been so influenced by gesture and movement is.

I have another passion. I love ravens and crows. I am delighted by the way they move and the distinctive way they fly. There is a certain mystique about these birds. It thrills me to see them cavort and entertain themselves. I find them fascinating.

Art has been an extremely important part of my leave. Besides creating artwork, I am exhilarated by creativity in others.

J. MARKS – Curriculum Vitae



My Grandmother (Jackee)
by Aaron Brandt

My Grandmother is a great and skillful artist. She makes sculpture out of wood, clay, wire almost anything you can think of! She draw’s and makes puppets too but her main passion is her sculptures. She can make her art big or small detailed or plain. My family and I have many of her sketches and sculptures hanging and sitting in our house, they are very nice. When my siblings and I were younger she would always bring art projects for us to work on.

My Grandmother is a very nice lady. She lives by the beach and likes to hang out on the beach in the summer. She likes to boogie-board on the beautiful waves when it’s warm outside. My Grandmother is also a very good cook she likes to use the grill a lot. In her home, she has a great view of the ocean from the big windows in her living room.

The main thing that my Grandmother taught me was how to create different types of sculptures, one is a sculpture made out of wire, tape, and paint, I have learned that you can make lots of different things you just have to be creative which is another thing that she taught me, to be very creative in whatever I do.

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